Welcome to the new JamesStacy.com!


With Antigoni’s encouragement and blessings, I am very proud to announce that my nephew Kevin and I have been able to take Jim’s official web site live for everyone to enjoy. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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  1. It is rare for me to write English or on one site. (for the personnes transmettent the messages : Very sorry, I torture the Shakespearian language with an impertinent répétition Grrr ! But, thank you for peaceful, lunar… ;-D ) Hello, I am arrive Just in time to wish you, with heart a very beautiful year 2014.
    Mr. Stacy your fans are everywhere and in Brittany-France too. (I try to make not long) I began with a search on a local festival planned in june and after I clicked a link… Open page on, French création on the topic -One upon a time in the West- and this nothing to do with my subject but i’ts well. After other link, I arrive then on a beautiful Américan site dédicated to the Western, « gathering of the guns Memphis film festival » Very good site of Mr. Magers. Others links, I am admiring moving video West and then I can’t believe it : James Stacy’s on one other chain ! & one, and again… « A big wave » no, rather « a tsunami » of magnificents portraits of Jim Stacy. Often you in my souvenirs. (Beautifuls créations of the fans of James Stacy on YouTube and many ladies in love. I understood : Jim Stacy beautiful sweet little face and eyes of panther. RRR) So many splendid mémories and to discover too. I saw the Web site James Drury. Now I here, on this James Stacy’s site. (Incredible, I started for a date and…What a gift!) You are an surprising & formidable actor. And very charming personne today. For the hat : 20/20. Thank you very mutch, take care of you, I wish for you a lot of « beautifuls holidays ». I’ll come back ! BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNEE 2014 MONSIEUR JIM STACY et your Lady &…little Doggie too!! Laurence .

  2. Laurence, J’adore votre réponse enthousiaste. Il est donc bon de l’entendre de fans partout dans le monde. Merci.

  3. Hi,
    I’m watching an episode of Gunsmoke right now. I often wondered what your name was. Just wanted to tell you that I always thought you were the most handsome man alive :) I’m much older now, but even as an older person, I still think the same. Wishing you much happiness now and in the future.

  4. Jim, I guess I’m an old, new old fan 5/13/54 from back in the days of GUNSMOKE. I don’t know if I liked you from your looks, your personality or the part? But, just so you know you were one of my favorite actors as a special guest on the Best western of all time of then, now & the future. And them I read about you from then till now. One word.. INCRDIBLE
    Thanx, for your time Jim

  5. Thanks Kit for this oppotunity to interact with James.
    James, I was 8 when Lancer came in my life, I envied Scott for having a brother like you and made you my protective brother. I had and still have a lot of imagination. Then I went on reruns in french in my teen years I understood that you were older in real life than your caracter of Johnny Lancer. When you had your accident I sent a card wishing you well. I wished that you had somebody to take care and love you, that your family was close to help you cope with the lost. In a job were image and looks is everything your lost seemed to me unbearable, it’s like you had anything left to offer, that you as a person didn’t count. At least that was my perception, in the cruel world of acting, I didn’t see you much after that. On your birthday picture you seem and I hope that you are truly happy. The journey was, let’s say ‘bumpy’…I now wish that the rest of the trip be like floating on llazy river. Best wishes to you and your family, may 2014 a year of love, health and fulfillment.
    PS sorry for the mistakes I am a french canadian. XOX

  6. Edna – you couldn’t have said it any better. You just put into words what so many of us out there feel.
    Jim – take her comment and multiply it by several hundred, and you will know where a whole lot of us are at. Best wishes to you for love, health, and fulfillment.

  7. Maurice, I loved you in Lancer, my favorite show. I always loved westerns. I saw the movie you made about the man who learned to ski after amputations and was both amazed by your skill as a skier and the human face you put on the effort and determination it takes to play the cards you are dealt.

    I saw a rerun of Gunsmoke the other day, and was reminded of my first cowboy crush. I am 60, have one old horse with stiff legs, a great husband and son, but, you will always have a fond spot in my memory.

  8. I sent a letter when you were in hospital and got a reply. You obviously thought a lot of your fans. I have never forgotten this and just want to say that I used to watch you in Lancer and had a schoolgirl crush on you as you were so handsome. I often wonder how you are doing and often google you to see how you are even after all these years. Best wishes to you Jim Stacey.

  9. I so love watching Lancer online. I had a crush on you when it first aired (I was 9). I still do! Your voice is super sexy and your smile is dreamy. You are still very handsome. I am going to try to watch all your shows and movies. Take care…

  10. The four most handsome men in the world, Elvis, Rick Nelson, Fabian and James Stacy.
    When our cable tv goes off I always get out my all time favorite Gunsmoke episode, Yankton, starring James Stacy. After watching it three times in a row, skipping through the commercials. I decided I better try and find a DVD version. I was so happy to find a web sight for you and to see all the pictures. It has made my day!

  11. Monsieur James STACY, je vous ai vu pour la première fois dans la série RANCH L ou LANCER, j’avais 9 ans. Je suis restée une de vos grandes fans et j’ai rassemblé tous les articles ou photos que je pouvais trouver vous concernant. La série LANCER était géniale et les comédiens fabuleux. Dommage que cette série ne sorte pas en DVD et en Français!

  12. Hi Jim,I have always liked your looks and your acting. I hope everything is well with you.From your picture i can see you really held up good, considering all you have been through.Just keep up the good work.

  13. Hope your year so far finds you happy and well,never got on anyone’s website before. So happy I found yours. Lancer was tops for me and my two brothers, both are gone now and I’m 60 and I hid my crush not only from them but my then husband! Married young. Looking forward to watching on line again. Take care of yourself. From an admiring fan. Rita

  14. Thanks kit for setting up this website with your nephew…I am so very happy to be able to connect with my favourite actor of all time…James Stacy. So with this said God Bless you sir and ‘lang may your lummy reek….!’ That’s Scottish by the way for ‘live long and proper’ ………lol….lots of love always …Heather

  15. A girlfriend asked me tonight, “Who was your first crush ? ” :)

  16. When I first saw u on Lancer I loved ur looks, acting, and name, Maurice! Glad to see ur doing well for ur self and others.

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