1. Hi James & Antigoni – Not sure if you received my previous message – Char seems to think there was a problem with the website – anyway I will send it again – I saw you in Kanab 2013 and came back to Australia and started to watch Lancer again – thoroughly enjoying watching them again and some of your movies. Hope to see you in Kanab again in 2014 when I return to the USA for another visit. Hope this message finds you safe and healthy. Kind Regards Margaret.

  2. Hello, James and Antigoni. So glad this website is up and running again. I love all the new photographs that keep popping up and thank you for keeping in touch with all of us. It’s a great experience and something I never thought would happen. Thank you, James, for the joy you have given me over the years, mainly from Lancer. You are an amazing man.

    Regards, Tricia B. x

  3. Happy New Year, Jim:
    The hat looks great – a good choice. I think I know the shop you are talking about, I have been there myself. There is also a good western wear shop on the east side, down from the Red Viking Restaurant. I’ve bought a lot of neat clothes there for myself and my kids over the years. We go every summer to the outdoor theater and there’s another good Danish restaurant right across the street from it. Solvang is such a fun place. It sounds like you had a really great time. That’s fantastic – you deserve it!

  4. Hi Jim,
    I also wanted to thank you for many wonderful memories of Lancer. I’ve always carried the warm feelings that you and all the cast members created for me at only 8 years of age. You fueled our imaginations as we created “campfires” along with a stagecoach using the picnic table, benches on top complete with a milk box driver’s seat and a team of bikes for horses. My little blue bike was my trusty horse and we had many happy days outdoors. It’s funny, I always remembered the theme song, all of the characters names, faces and James Stacy but not the actual episodes because there were no reruns. As an adult this past year I was thrilled to watch all of the episodes as if seeing them for the first time – then wished there were more than 52! I, with a lot of others, hope that it will come out on DVD to be enjoyed by many. I’ve also watched many of your other TV appearances and movies and your fine acting and spirit have been missing on the screen. You have been such an inspiration to me and many with your amazing courage and determination so thanks for making this site available so that we can let you know we will always support you. Hope that you, Antigoni and of course Ruby have a wonderful new year. – Take Care. Laurie

  5. Lancer was one of my favorite shows, I was sorry that it was canceled. Why do they not air reruns of it. I am g;ad to see that you look so good.
    Hope your problems are behind you

  6. I have enjoy your acting through the years on lancer and on gunsmoke,Vengeance part 1 and 2,and the widow and the rogue,I’m glad to see you doing good and I hope life is good to you.

  7. I hope this finds you well. I have always been a fan. I was happy to find this site and see you still have that warm smile. God be with you.

  8. Hi James and Tig,

    I hope 2014 finds you happy and healthy. We’ve had a terribly cold and very snowy winter here in the East. I keep hoping that Spring is on the way and then it snows again. We’ve had 40 inches in the DC area, which is a lot for us!

    It’s funny but, even after all these years, I still have such vivid memories of watching Lancer on tv in our family room. I was secretly in love with Johnny Madrid. I say “secretly” because if my older brother had known, he would have teased me unmercifully.
    I even recall looking at my older counsin’s gossip magazines and seeing this very handsome guy in photos with Connie Stevens. I asked my cousin who he was and she told me “James Stacy”. That was my first introduction to you, James, but one I never forgot. And then, when Lancer aired, I was in 7th heaven. I no longer had to rely on magazine photos – I could see and hear James come alive!!!
    I wish you many more years of happiness, James and Tig. And please give Ruby a hug for me. I have 2 dogs of my own and have always been a dog lover.

  9. Hello Mr. Stacy, I hope all is happy and well with you.

  10. dear james im 58 i remember lancer and i remember hearing about your accident when i was in highschool i just bought my first computer 6 months ago never realized how you can get in touch really amazing i eeeeeven remember you were married to connie stevens i was just a kid and i remember that it sounds like you are doing fine james thanks for the website ill keep in touch take care james sincerely todd

  11. I was in my secondary school in Bangkok, Thailand, about 11or 12 years old may be, when I first watched Lancer. I had a massive crush on you at the time, as so many young girls the world over, I’m sure. Funny, how I thought of you often as if I really knew you and when I heard of your accident I felt so terribly sad. Being so far away in Thailand, I did not get to hear much about you at all and I always wondered how you’re getting on with your life. Then I came over to live in London, then the Middle East, then back to London again. After more than 40 years, I discovered youtube and one day I thought I tried searching for you and wham! I have found that all Lancer episodes are on and so many more of your other works as well. I am so glad that I have found you again and that you are so well and happy. Love you always.

  12. So glad you are thriving and doing well.One of my favorite Gunsmoke episodes is the one of you playing Yankton.I thought the fight scene between you and Jim Davis was so realistic,I also liked you on the Donna Reed show as well.From your pictures here,you are still a very handsome man.Keep on prospering and taking care of yourself.Love,one of your biggest fans,Wanda.

  13. I have loved you as a young girl and now a grown girl. Best wishes to you and may God bless you always.

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