Thanks for everything today!

20131223 James

Thank you for today. I am so moved by all the birthday wishes from everyone. We had a wonderful day, took a drive to Santa Barbara where we had lunch at the beach. The dolphins in the ocean put on quite a show, jumping and dancing. All of your birthday wishes made the day extra special for me. Thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas.


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  1. Hi, Jim:
    I just happened to be “computer surfing” and stumbled onto your website. I am so totally thrilled! Happy (belated) Birthday! So glad you had such a wonderful time on your birthday. I’m a Pismo Beach person, myself, and probably saw those same dolphins when they travelled a little farther north. A very Happy New Year to you and your family as well. Please let all of us western fans know if you will be attending any conventions in the near future, like A Gathering of Guns, or something similar. It’s so good to hear from you. Best wishes for the New Year!!

  2. Hi Jim,
    My name is Chris Rosato, and I have been a fan of yours since the pre-”Lancer” days. I always thought you were a very fine actor and, more important, you had that extra swagger, a charisma that very few actors ever possessed. BTW, my whole family have been fans of yours and my sisters had huge crushes on you! I am glad to see you are doing well. Happy belated birthday and take care!

  3. Hi, James…This is Julie..We used to be pen pals for a few years back in the 90′s…then I lost contact with you..loved writing to you and receiving your cards and letters..i still have them..of…it broke my heart when I lost contact with you…hope you are doin’ seem to be…Take care of yourself and God Bless…would love to hear from you again…love this pic…love all of them…I have a funny story to tell right quick..i went thru all my old old movie books and cut out everything I could find on and articles..and made me a huge photo album of you…I LOVE IT!!…bye for now..Julie

  4. A very belated happy birthday, James. No matter how old you are, I can always see “Johnny Lancer” in your eyes and in your smile. You are and were one of my favorite actors and, after Cary Grant, you were my first real “crush”, LOL.
    I hope the beginning of 2014 has been a good one for you, Tig and Ruby.
    A fan forever,

  5. Hi James,
    Love the new website! Have been a fan since Lancet. So pleased you are doing well. Sending love and best wishes from the UK.

  6. Ok I finally was able to log in….sigh…Happy belated birthday. I did send you a card which I am praying you got….anyway ….hope to see you in Kenab and McKinny…I plan on going to both….keep safe… love Heather (Scotland)

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