As many of you know, James Stacy has passed away. The misinformation that is being distributed by the media and published elsewhere has only added to the pain this has caused; not only for the love of Jim’s life, Antigoni, but for all of us who respected and cared for this man and applauded his marvelous talent.

The ‘tribute’ that originally appeared in Variety was filled with errors; and the person who reported Jim’s death (Joshua Terry) not only got things wrong – date of death, circumstances, wrongly stating Jim’s appearances in Bonanza – he also broke his promises re: Jim’s filmography as well as assuring Antigoni the focus would be Jim’s career.

This is the ONLY reliable source for the circumstances regarding Jim’s passing; the Obituary (written by Jim’s nephew, Mike) that will be appearing in the Sunday edition of the LA Times and the Ventura Star:

“Maurice William Elias (aka: James Stacy) December 23, 1936 – September 9, 2016

As we say goodbye to our beloved Maurice, we remember his infectious smile and passion for living his unique life to the fullest. From his rough and tumble days growing up in Burbank he ascended to a prominent Hollywood actor and leading man. His motion picture career spanned nearly 40 years. While his boyish good looks were undeniable, his acting prowess was confirmed with two Emmy nominations. He was a star athlete through high school and went on to play professional football in the CFL. Maurice continued his athletic endeavors even after his tragic accident in 1973 at the pinnacle of his career that left him with just one arm and one leg. Not to be held back, he learned to snow ski and water ski, which through his acclaimed movie “Just a Little Inconvenience” helped to encourage other amputees and persons with disabilities to fulfill their goals of living life as normal as possible. While Maurice had struggles in his life and his share of regrets he would always endeavor to be a better person.

Maurice shared his last 16 years accompanied by his loving fiancé Antigoni in their home perched above Ventura, California with a beautiful view overlooking the Pacific coastline. Maurice loved to travel and felt fortunate to have seen 75% of this world. One of his favorite things to do was to take hold of his sweet Antigoni and their dog Ruby and on a whim take a road trip up to the Central Coast or some other adventure. He also very much enjoyed attending the various film festivals honoring the shows and actors of his era and spending time with his wonderful fans.

Maurice leaves behind his daughter Heather Elias, Grandson Luk Maxwell and Great Grandson Lester James Maxwell. As well as his Brother Louie, Sister Carolyn, best friend and love Antigoni Tsamparlis and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and devoted fans. We will miss the man that helped inspire us to overcome life’s obstacles. As it isn’t just what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it.”

The true measure of a man is not the number of years he has lived, or the regrets he may have. It is how much he loved, how much he was loved in return; and how many lives he impacted with his courage and compassion.




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Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful celebration. Ventura went all out this year; great crowds, much to be seen and absolutely wonderful weather.  Here’s to a glorious summer for everyone!!





Wishing everyone a very Joyous Easter

With beautiful friends, great food and tremendous weather.

God Bless you All!!



Sometimes, as site admin,  it’s fun to go through the files and see just what is there.  Like this picture from Memphis, provided by a fan.  Who could not love this face?





Mother nature brought the New Year in on the winds of “El Niño”, but that didn’t stop Jim from celebrating on the beach, and with sushi.  He sends his greetings to everyone: For a very Happy New Year, for all his fans!!


JimNew Year



Getting in the spirit…







Jim soaking up some sun at the harbor!! Nothing better than the sun and the sea; especially when you are also having breakfast!!

JS Boats




Just wanted to add a little something more.  Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

Merry Christmas to all!    

Seems the Seasons are passing and we are again approaching the Christmas Holidays. So here is a little greeting from Ruby, James and — of course — Santa Claus!

Blessings to everyone, with wishes for a joy-filled Christmas for you and your families.



I know we’re a little late for Halloween, but James wanted to share this with you. Wishing everyone a wonderful Fall season, filled with a lot of color and beautiful blue skies!

Jim pumpkins



One of the things that constantly amazes me is the impact Jim Stacy has had on so many people; and the things he has inspired. Of course there is his tremendous personal courage, the fact he has maintained a wicked sense of humor and remains so supportive of his fans; but there are also lighter things as well.

Jim has inspired a lot of fan fiction. In fact, a baby picture of Jim as a toddler inspired Mary Hardwick (our beloved SouthernFrau) to write her wonderful “Brat Pack” stories; brilliant bits of fiction about a very young, very mischievous, tell-it-as-it-is little Johnny and his older brother, Squat.  The stories are priceless.

In turn, Jim’s inspiration for Mary’s story became an even bigger inspiration for Mary’s mother, Caroline.  So much so, Caroline surprised Mary with a wonderful gift.

Let me introduce you to one more thing Jim has inspired: Baby Johnny, complete with red shirt, conchos and leather pants; and those absolutely wonderful blue eyes.

Johnny Doll

Who wouldn’t be inspired to cuddle up with Baby Johnny?


A Little Trip Down Memory Lane…

Before “Lancer”, Jim guest starred on many network shows.  One of them was the series “The Monroes”.

Tammy Locke (TammyLocke.com) starred on that series as the youngest Monroe child, little Amy.

Tammy Locke

Tammy not only starred in the show, she also collected a number of autographs of other actors and actresses who appeared on the show. She has photographed these autographs and they appear on her website, along with information about her varied careers and her passions.

One of those autographs is the one posted below.  Tammy has graciously consented to allow us to post this image; which gives a great insight to not only Jim’s quirky sense of humor, but his faith in himself and his abilities.  Enjoy.

Jim's autograph.png

Jim Monroe

Thanks again, Tammy, for sharing!




Thanks for everything today!

20131223 James

Thank you for today. I am so moved by all the birthday wishes from everyone. We had a wonderful day, took a drive to Santa Barbara where we had lunch at the beach. The dolphins in the ocean put on quite a show, jumping and dancing. All of your birthday wishes made the day extra special for me. Thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Happy Birthday James!


Friends of Jim, old and new, would like to wish him a very happy 77th birthday on December 23, 2013… or is that your 7th eleventh birthday, Jim?  All the best from your loving fans and fan ambassadors.